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product name: Sulwhasoo BASIC KIT 5PCS SET, N/A, 5PC (5piece) item no.: 108708509001 brand: Sulwhasoo
function: Anti-wrinkleHydrating  category: gift sets product size: 5 piece
country of origin: Korea



Sulwhasoo Basic Care Kit (5pcs) contains:

First Care Activating Serum EX (Miniature) (8ml)
First Care Activating Serum EX is an essential regimen first-step serum formulated with JAUM Balancing ComplexTM assures optimal skincare results by restoring balance to skin.

Product Features:
 Balancing:Helps to balance your skin and boost the absorption and effectiveness of any treatments used after it.
 Deep Moisturizing: JAUM Balancing ComplexTM creates the optimum balance of moisture, transparency and suppleness.

Essential Balancing Water EX (Miniature) (15ml)
Essential Balancing Water EX is a gel-textured toner that prepares skin for deep nourishing.

Product Features:
 Deep Moisturizing: Contains purslane extracts as the ingredients for moisturizing, improving the skin dryness effectively, nourish the skin instantly.
 Sooths the skin: formulated with wolfberry extracts which could sooths the skin, moreover, the texture is refreshing and non-sticky, feeling comfortable after use.

Essential Balancing Emulsion EX (Miniature) (15ml)
Essential Balancing Emulsion EX is a moisture-rich emulsion that absorbs quickly for soft and smooth skin.

Product Features:
 Deep moisturizing: moisturizing effectively, to improve the skin dryness problem,and nourish the skin instantly.
 Purify the skin: the formulation contains the chrysanthemum extract provides purifying effect, leaving the skin clean and comfortable.

Essential Rejuvenating Eye Cream EX (Miniature) (3.5ml)
Enzymes from Korean Red Ginseng Saponin effectively diminish the appearance of fine lines around the eyes, while Yai Jiu Hua and honey rejuvenate the skin to keep it healthy.

Product Features:
 Smooth fine lines: Revitalize the delicate skin around the eyes, enhancing blood circulation of eyes.
 Improve dark circles and puffiness: Enzymes from Korean Red Ginseng Saponin improve skin wrinkles, dark eye circle and bags under eye.

Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream EX(Miniature) (5ml)
Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream is formulated with the essence of a whole Ginseng, it can be penetrated to the deepest layers of the skin to revive damaged, youth-depleted skin from within.

Product Features:
 Enhanced defensive power: Contains the ginseng’s anti-aging essence “Compound k and ginsenoside Re”, helps to reduce the comprehensive signs of skin aging.

 Repair the damage: The patented Bio-conversion Technology™, which transforms ginseng’s saponin into efficacious components that can repair the damaged or tired skin.

how to use

First Care Activating Serum EX Apply after cleansing in the morning or evening. Pump twice onto your palm; gently massage the whole face by fingertips. Essential Balancing Water EX After using serum in the morning or evening, take an appropriate amount and apply on face gently. Essential Balancing Emulsion EX After using toner in the morning or evening, take an appropriate amount and apply on face gently. Essential Rejuvenating Eye Cream EX Take a small amount of pearl particle size smear on the need to improve and prevent fine wrinkles eye. Finally, pat with your fingertips to help absorption. Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream EX Apply in the morning or evening, take an appropriate amount and apply on face and neck gently.


First Care Activating Serum EX  JAUM Balancing ComplexTM (Solomon’s Seal, White Lily, Lotus Seed, Peony Flower, Rehmania): Restore skin balance, repairing, nourishing Essential Balancing Water EX  Purslane Extract: Moisturizing, soothing  Wolfberry: Soothing Essential Balancing Emulsion EX  Mountain Peony Extract: Softening  Yai Jiu Hua: Improves skin clarity Essential Rejuvenating Eye Cream EX  Red Ginseng Saponin: Improve eye skin wrinkles  Yai Jiu Hua (Chamomile): Enhance skin circulation, improve dark eye circles  Honey: Moisturizing, long-lasting and energetic eye Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream EX  Ginseng Extract: Provides extraordinary nutrients for skin, concealing your real age  Trehalose: Moisturizing, lock in moisture  Glycerin: Softening skin, moisturizing  Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract: Anti-oxidation

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