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item no.: 108698202003
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specification: 0.4 g 02 Dark Brown
functions:All Skin Type


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product name: 1028 VISUAL THERAPY 1028 Longwear Eyebrow Definer (02 Dark Brown) (0.4g) (02 Dark Brown) item no.: 108698202003 brand: 1028 VISUAL THERAPY
ative from: 2017-06-24 00:00:00 product size: 0.4 g country of origin: Taiwan
function: All Skin Type category: Eyebrow Pencil



1028 Longwear Eyebrow Definer combine eyebrow pencil, brush and sharpener, it is a multi-functional eyebrow pen. The pen refill has suitable hardness; with a brush it is convenient for doing makeup. To prevent the pen become blunt, it has a sharpener built-in.


1. Built-in smart outline device
You will be able to sharpen the pen, so when you are drawing the eyebrow , it will be clean.

2. Special hexagonal pen tip
You can use different angle to draw different eyebrow style, enhance the overall sense of depth

3. Pen refill is smooth and has moderate hardness
Contains vitamin E and pure mineral pigment formula, moisture and protect your delicate eyebrow skin

how to use

Basic eyebrow 1.From the root of the soke, cut the hair downward, use your hand to push your eyebrow upwards and cut off the excess hair 2. Use the pen to draw a line from the end of your mouth to the eye corner and extends, it will touch your eyebrow, and that point is the perfect eyebrow end. 2:1 is the perfect ratio of eyebrow start to the eyebrow end. 3. Brush the crossing hair following the shape of your eyebrow Romantic and Natural eyebrow 1. Use the cone-shaped hexagonal pen to draw a natural eyebrow type 2. Then use the pen to horizontally draw the delicate clean eyebrow tail. 3. Use the eyebrow brush, brushing along the eyebrow gently, so that the overall line is more natural. Cool & Elegant: 1. Use the wide portion of eyebrow pen to draw the base color of eyebrow according to the shape. Draw a line on the eyebrow tip to emphasize the angle and slightly downward at the tail but not lower than the eyebrow head. Where eyebrow tip is: Put the pen vertically from your mouth end to eyebrow, the highest place of the eyebrow is the tip. 2. Use the eyebrow brush to brush from the eyebrow head to the end. 3. Using the eyebrow powder on the tip and lighter color powder on the head to create textures. Trick: 1. Close the B-side cover and rotate it in a counter-clockwise direction. 2. Rotate about 5mm pen refill from A side, align to the concave part of the sharpener, sharpen the pen from inside to outside.


Vitamin E and pure mineral pigment formula: Moisturize and protect your eyebrow skin

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